Q1. How do I enter? 

A1. Our website has a special tab just for that! Just click the little bugger that says “Submit” and BOOM! The perfect place to submit it all!

Q2. How long do we have to submit films?

A2. You have three months! It seems like forever, but when making a film, it’s over faster than the flash can circle the earth!

Q3. How do I submit my film? 

A3. You can submit your link through a YouTube link! I know! Simple! 

Q4. How will you know if I submitted a film?

A4. Magic! Okay- well maybe that one’s a lie! We get all results recorded in a nifty little- wait! We don’t want to give away ALL of our secrets, do we?

Q5. How will we know how our film is doing?

A5. Well, darling, that’s where the rest of the form comes into play! We get your email and will let you know if you have made it to the next round!

Q6. Next round? There’s rounds?

A6. Of course there are! An esteemed panel of judges- aka us here, inside the computer [help us] are judging it! Just kidding! Well, sorta, The film festival team will be judging all films in the preliminary stage before they’re passed on to the actual judges during the screening!

Q7. Actual Judges? Who are they?

A7. They, my friend, are a group of amazing people that will be announced as we get closer to the festival! 

Q8. What all do we need to include in our film?

A8. Whatever you want! Well, try to keep it PG-13 folks, please. Other than that, we would like you to just include this image at the end of your film, along with adding #FangirlFilmFest2018 to the title of your film on youtube! Try to steer clear of copyrighted material, as they can be buttholes in the submission process!

Q9. What all can I win?

A9. You’re a greedy one, aren’t you? Well, you can get one of 11 special awards! No, I won’t tell you what they are. Some things need to remain secret! Other than that, you can win 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your fandom type (Film, Music, TV, Book) or 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall! Lots to go around!